The digging is done

The project is on track. The sidewalks are tiled; the road is smooth; the streetcar tracks are in; the bike ramps are paved; and most of the bus shelters are in place.

We now have 82 new trees on the east side taking root in conditions where they should thrive and new plants in some of the planting beds. On the west side, 18 new trees were planted on private property with the help of community volunteers. In short, the way is paved for an awesome avenue.

But the project isn’t finished yet. We’re now waiting for the remaining bike rings to be installed, hoping this will be done soon so people will stop locking their bikes to the new trees. The trash bins are coming. There is more street furniture to come including benches once all of the other priority elements are in place.  And, finally, in the fall, once the soil has settled around the new trees, tree grates will be installed at grade and new tree guards put up around the trees.

2 thoughts on “The digging is done

    • Can you tell me where you’ve spotted the gas lines, so I can find out more? I assume you’re not talking about the tubes sticking out around the trees which are not related to gas pipes.

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