Roncesvalles Renewed Heritage Tree Project

Photo Credit:Tom Kane. Oldest tree on Roncesvalles Avenue near the Saint Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church in Toronto.

Oldest tree on Roncesvalles may be the oldest street tree in Toronto. Photo by Tom Kane.

We are gathering facts, stories, historical anecdotes, photos or other images  about the old Silver Maple tree on Roncesvalles. You know the one on the east side just south of  St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church (with the big columns) on the block between Westminster and Fermanagh.

This tree was carefully protected during the reconstruction. And at the request of the community, during the rebuilding of the sidewalks, Ecoflex tile was placed around it to prevent the roots from getting compacted by concrete and to enable the transfer of water and air. We’re still trying to get a fix on how old it is.

If you have anything to share about it, you can post a comment here, or send longer stories, images or links to Karyn, who is compiling information on this grand old tree, in an effort to have it designated an Ontario Heritage Tree.


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