New sidewalks and street paving

After the street and tracks were done, the complicated task of forming the new sidewalks began. The old double-level walks between Grenadier and Constance became a standard single level one. The new bumpouts with the streetcar and bicycle ramps were installed. Block by block, crews leveled and packed the soil, built the wooden forms, and then poured and finished the concrete on the west side and installed the paving blocks on the east side. In addition they placed the special rubber Eco-Flex tiles around the tree at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.

Curbs were formed with a large specialized machine. Heavy machines and teams of guys on the ground installed the tree planting network on the east side. The sidewalk actually sits on risers to prevent compaction of the soil, much to the relief of the new trees.

A moving line of  specialized vehicles placed the asphalt between the tracks and the sidewalks.

The various tasks can be viewed in my slide show.

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