Trash talk

Community cleanup volunteer Maria Carrusca is relieved to see the new trash cans arrive on Roncy.

Yeah, I felt a little eccentric out there taking beauty shots of the new garbage cans. But, hey they’ve been a long time coming. Thanks to a bit of pressure from our BIA and Councillor Gord Perk’s office, a dozen were finally delivered this week.

The receptacles are part of the City’s coordinated street furniture. Although we got the swanky black ones featuring push-pedal operation of bin doors for trash and recyclables. Smokers take note — there’s a separate cigarette receptacle located front and centre on the grey band.

The bins should help reduce the litter that was accumulating in some places along the street and sidewalks. The push pedal operation means that you don’t have to touch gungy, germ-ridden doors with your fingers and you can operate it easily when you only have one hand free.

We’re hoping the bins will also significantly reduce the amount of cigarette butts being tossed in planting beds and tree beds, let alone the sidewalks and street. Cigarette filters take anywhere from 18 months to 10 years to biodegrade.

Getting smokers to use them is partly a matter of pointing these out to those who are still butting out on the street. Some habits are hard to change, but we’ve all seen how frequent reminders can help change our collective disposal habits.

Given the 17 blocks that encompassed the reconstruction, 12 bins are a bit thin to spread around. Not sure how many more we’re supposed to get or what is driving their placement. There aren’t any next to the TTC stops, which seems an obvious oversight. But perhaps more there are more to come.


4 thoughts on “Trash talk

  1. I’ve never been able to deposit garbage into these trash monsters without touching them with my hand. It’s the ugliest, ill-proportioned and most impractical piece of street furniture ever conceived. Simple plastic bins would’ve done nicely instead.

  2. I have noticed that not all of the street lamps are lit up at night, specifically the black single post lamps. There are two of these located on the west side on the block between Fern and Wright — one is near the library and the other is near the credit union. All of the other street lamps are lit up, but not these or some of the other black single post lamps. Do you know why?

    • According to the BIA, the new lamps at transit platforms are being kept off because they are too bright and they uplight. The solution is in progress.

      With respect to pole-mounted pedestrian lights, the Roncesvalles Village BIA is looking into this. The BIA contact is Keith Denning at or (416) 537-2701.

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