Roncy Sweeps in The Star

Community resident sweeps a part of Roncesvalles as part of a volunteer effort to improve our street.

Roncy Sweeps volunteer and local resident Ann Chrichton-Harris. Photo Credit: Ellen Moorhouse

Yesterday the Toronto Star published a column by Ellen Moorhouse on our very own community volunteers who are taking to the streets to quietly clean it up.  See Trash Talk: A clean sweep for Roncesvalles. Our efforts are still in the pilot stage, so we can work out what’s needed to help keep our street looking great.

A few volunteers have been doing a regular or semi-regular  sweep on two or three blocks of Roncesvalles, not far from their homes.

You’ll notice those blocks that are getting some regular TLC because they look great! We will be storing our brooms and supplies at some of the shops along Roncesvalles. Our hope is that there will be one shop per block that can provide storage so our volunteers can do a quick sweep-up when they are passing by and have a few minutes to spare. We’re also aiming for one volunteer per block, since many hands makes for short work. It’s a great way to get to know the people who work and shop along a short stretch and improve our street while getting a little air. Let us know if you’d like to get involved.


3 thoughts on “Roncy Sweeps in The Star

  1. City of Toronto workers should be doing this work. If there was a journalist investigation of what Public Works Department employees are doing during their work day you would find them at the yard playing with their thumbs.

  2. The cigarette butts being cleaned up in this picture are from The Local’s late night patrons that couldn’t be bothered to use the adjacent trash bin shown in the foreground of this picture. Why is this news worthy?

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