What’s with the tar in the tiles?

Asphalt patches between tiles on sidewalk is a temporary fix for the winter

Temporary fix for pedestrian safety

A couple of days ago workers came to parts of Roncesvalles — primarily between Fermanagh and Fern — to remove loose sidewalk pavers that the City deemed a tripping hazard.

These loose pavers were removed and replaced with an asphalt patch for the remainder of winter.

The City informed the BIA that this is a temporary fix for now and that the problem areas will be fixed permanently and to the BIA’s satisfaction when warmer weather arrives.

How the pavers came loose in the first place is another question. Perhaps as the grounds settles and shifts, particularly when water gets under the tiles and then freezes, it can cause some tiles to shift.

While we’re all disappointed by the appearance of black patches on our sidewalks, it’s clear that the safety of pedestrians has to come first.

5 thoughts on “What’s with the tar in the tiles?

  1. Lets hope the instalation company has paid for this repair and replacement of the tile and not the taxpayer… How do we cheque that?

  2. You should check with Councillor Gord Perk’s office about who is accountable for the installation of the pavers and let us know what you find out.

  3. No kidding – how many times do we have to have the same “work” completed – it really frustrates me when I see how inefficient the City of Toronto is when they undertake any project.
    When I saw the asphalt and commented on it to my wife, one of the folks that works up near Fermanagh also mentioned how when she watched the people doing the work, it was obviously a sub-standard job. I didn’t see them do it but have seen the same patch be redone 2-3 times already.
    Of course, Counc Perks will go on about how successful this project was (strange how he forgets that it took a year longer than anticipated) and we’ll probably end up with concrete sidewalks again!
    By the way, anyone giving any thought to the fact that should the newly planted trees actually survive and grow, how long until they have to come down because of the power lines 3-4 feet above them? Or is this part of the plan?

  4. I emailed the Councillors office and was informed that the pavers are still under warranty and will be fixed at the expense of the contractor and that city engineers are looking at getting the contractor to use a mortar for the pavers to fix the problem permanently, but it takes better weather for it to set. Further I was told there is no plan to get rid of the pavers and go back to concrete. So, despite barrie’s toronto sun rhetoric, it seems like the problem is with the private company who got the bid on the work.

  5. In case you haven’t already read the public notice distributed to our doors, the repairs to the loose unit pavers between Marion Street and Howard Park Avenue are scheduled to be made between July 30 and August 11, 2012. The majority of the loose pavers were in the two blocks between Fern and Fermanagh. The work will involve removing all unit pagers in those 2 blocks, replacing the existing bedding with high-performance pedding, and reinstating the pavers. Then polymeric sand will be swept into the joints between the pavers. Elsewhere they’ll perform this work on the loose pavers, not the whole area. See the project website for more info: http://www.toronto.ca/involved/projects/roncesvalles_reconstruction/ .

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