Earth Hour 2012 Stewards Wanted

Roncesvalles and Parkdale Villages earned national recognition this past December,  when WWF Canada acknowledged  my coordination of the 2011 Event.  An exuberant vocal Flash Mob, graciously performed by Howard Park Emmanuel Gospel Choir,  greeted the two Villages as they concluded the annual Candlelight Walk. The large groups passed by the participating businesses and darkened residential streets in their respective communities, before joining together at the foot of Roncesvalles and Queen Streets, in front of the Katyn Monument.  Our commemorative video helps capture the spirit of our wonderful neighbourhood.

In 201o, the inaugural Candlelight Walk, had a gathering of local acoustic performers at Grafton Park. Then MC Talent/Local resident; Bob Mackowycz Jr, helped me, usher the crowd past the many participating restaurants, bistros, bars and retail establishments.

I must respectfully acknowledge GREEN 13, for nurturing and encouraging me to bring this wonderful, global, symbolic tradition into my neighbourhood.   A new tradition that could not have been executed, without the help of the RVBIA and the   supporting local residents. Earth Hour is a celebration of not only Mother Earth but also the efforts of all the volunteered hours put in by dedicated community members.

I hereby announce the new launch of Earth Hour 2012 as a coordination under the wing of Roncesvalles Renewed.   Due to some television production scheduling conflicts (in my Day Job!) and because I would like to encourage more local participation,  I am reaching out for new contributors and willing participants.    

Who wishes to help marshal the 2012 Candlelight Walk for Roncesvalles-Parkdale?

Sharing the experience with a new masthead of Earth Hour stewards

Roncesvalles’ annual participation has provided many TDSB students volunteer hours, celebratory “end of winter” events for local business, and has helped our Community become recognized as a Green Forward Neighbourhood that has allowed local talent an opportunity and outlet to showcase their voices.

Every year, media outlets gather to report on our efforts and truly it is a lot of fun.  There is always room for new direction, and I would be proud to help any new contributors, experience the joy of creating a little bit of environmental magic!  Please consider being part of my team!

3 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2012 Stewards Wanted

    • I would be glad to be helpful if i can…..but need direction…by the way when is the 2012 earth-hour?….see what i said about direction?…..cheers, sandie drake

  1. 2012 will be a special year for Roncesvalles! Earth Hour is Saturday March 31st from 8:30-9:30 pm. During the day is Roncy CELEBRATES and the evening… the annual candlelight walk.
    TDSB students welcome to volunteer. Acoustic Musicians & Singers wanted for post walk, celebratory ending!

    Hope to see you all there.

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