Roncy Rocks; Multi Media ~ Art/Music Festival

Roncy Rocks was originally conceived, out of a need to stimulate Roncesvalles foot traffic. This was when the street underwent its much needed, urban face lift. Today, it has happily tumbled into being a highly recognized, FREE,  day- long event that showcases  a multitude of local Artists through their musical talents, voices, abstract arts, visual arts and media arts like; film, television and photography.

“I knew if  we created a venue with art on the street, then people would come” contends initiator and Chair  Liz Szynkowski. “Art is truly the ‘Soul of Humanity’ and our community boasts a large concentration of artistic talent, in all genres!”

Roncesvalles is one of Toronto’s neighbourhoods that naturally attracts art -awakened professionals because it is culturally diverse and arts supportive. This dynamic annual event is not only an excellent platform to celebrate the multitude of spectacular, local talents, but is also a very enjoyable tourism stimulator and community spirit builder.

Roncy Rocks  is on Saturday June 16th, from 10 am – 6 pm located along Roncesvalles Avenue. 

Expect juried art displays and sales, vendors, interactive art installations, musical performances, free film presentations at the Revue Cinema with local filmmakers.

New this year, adapted Roncy Based ~ Television show knock offs. One featuring resident and Celebrity Talent Show Judge Steve Cranwell, who will judge youth in a talent contest emulating the TV series he appeared on; The Next Star (YTV)  and the second, a  locally-produced Travel/Trivia Game Show Spoof, starring Comedian Jason Agnew, that recreates the TV series DOOR to DOOR. (Travel + Escape) Folks win money for knowing the answers to local trivia questions.

All this along a vibrant street that already offers great dining, shopping and weekend strolling pleasures.

Roncesvalles boasts fascinating stories, is home to a vast array of the artistically inclined,  and indeed… ROCKS!

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