Where did the cans go?

There’s something conspicuously missing from Roncy as of yesterday evening. Those little blue Butt-In Please  cans have disappeared from the sidewalk.

Our social experiment, diligently initiated by RoncyWorks volunteers,  has happily diverted many pounds of cigarette butts from the sidewalk, gutters and plant beds since they were installed last spring. But the blue tin cans have taken a beating.  Although these low-tech, handmade cans have served their purpose rather well, they’ve been abused — used as trash cans, kicked, squashed and stolen.

In anticipation of hundreds of people walking the street during the Polish festival, we thought it prudent to remove them. RoncyWorks volunteers had been planning to put them back out next week. However, we’ve noticed that many are in too rough a shape to be reused.

We’re working on more permanent alternatives — ones that smokers will actually notice — but for that we need to have some shops on board and we need to raise funds, as we have none to speak of. So, our plans will take some time.

In the meantime, we’re wondering whether we should put the old ones back out and add some new ones. Should we take another kick at the can? Let us know if you would like to see the little blue cans back out on the street until a more permanent solution is in place.


One thought on “Where did the cans go?

  1. Absolutely get them out there! I’ve “grown accustomed to their faces” – I suspect that two things would help: 1) one at every door! and 2) trumpeting them and their meaning over and over(not just a one-time announcement). i.e that crass thing called ‘marketing’ or ‘promotion’. But I think it’s also important not to get perfectionistic, as people feel justifiably nervous about ideas that start to sound fascistic…. Keep up the good work.

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