WWF Canada to host Toronto Earth Hour Event on Roncy

Roncesvalles Village has held annual Earth Hour celebrations since 2010. We’ve showcased local acoustic performers, choirs, flash mobs, lantern making workshops and candlelight walks. We have joined millions world wide, globally recognizing the largest planet-focused movement in the world!

Our City Councillor Gord Perks is a recognized environmentalist, our MPP Cheri DiNovo and MP Peggy Nash are driving forces behind “Clean Train Coalition.”  RoncyWorks models success in street planning and preserving.  And, no fewer than four school/residential associations in the community have Green Teams. We are champions of eco awareness.

Our community cheerleading caught the eye of WWF Canada, whose 2013 Earth Hour Campaign brings attention to the Cheerleader, both through a series of cheerleading videos and  the appointment of regional Captains, of which I, your author, am one!

This year’s Earth Hour Event is a thrilling opportunity for Roncy to welcome other Toronto residents to our community, helping to  promote what Earth Hour is all about.  My own personal role is to Educate through Entertainment, I want to share my passion, engage new devotees, find more voices, attract larger crowds … in hopes that those in Government  can see that the People want attention brought to Climate Change. Our celebratory joining together, symbolizes this.


Roncesvalles Village BIA to Co-Host the 2013 WWF Canada Earth Hour event. Ontario’s Earth Hour Co-Captain this year is local resident Karyn Klaire Koski.                  

Saturday March 23, 8-9:30 pm

Festivities will start at 8:00 pm at either of two Gathering Spots:  South at Grafton Park or North near the Revue Cinema. RoncyWorks Earth Hour Marshals will start promptly, leading candlelight carrying Walkers towards each other along the commercial side of Roncesvalles and then crossing at either set of lights – before Wright Avenue.

WWF Canada will have staging set up on Wright Avenue, between High Park Library and Howard Park Emmanuel United Church. Free entertainment will greet walkers — taking only a few minutes out for quick nods from speakers to announce the symbolic POWER OFF at 8:30 pm — and performances will continue till 9:30.


Learn more at WWF Canada – Earth Hour or Earth Hour in Toronto on facebook

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