RoncyWorks logoRoncyWorks is a loose network of volunteers mostly from Roncesvalles Village, made up of neighbours, business owners and organizations working together to enhance community space. RoncyWorks grew out of Roncesvalles Renewed, a community group that was initiated by the Roncesvalles Village BIA as they were looking to move forward on their 2003 Streetscape Design.

Beginning in June 2009, Roncesvalles Avenue underwent a major reconstruction. The sewers were rebuilt, followed by the water mains, streetcar tracks and sidewalks. It meant digging, dust and detours for about two years. It also presented a number of opportunities, not least of which was to create a thriving canopy of trees along Roncesvalles.

Along with a healthy tree canopy, we also worked to create better sidewalks, beautiful public spaces, and a ‘buy local’ campaign to help our businesses survive this major reconstruction of Roncesvalles.

After the street was officially reopened to streetcars on July 23 2011, a few volunteers from Roncesvalles Renewed turned their attention from planning and community outreach, to preserving and enhancing the collective investment in our shared public space.

This blog shares the observations, intentions and initiatives that have driven our volunteer activities since the summer of 2011.

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