Get Involved

We’re neighbours, shop owners and organizations working together to keep Roncesvalles exceptional. Please join us.

Maybe you’ve heard about the work of our Roncy Sweeps or the Green Team and you’d like to help out on a small section of the street close to where you live or work. Or perhaps you’d like to join one of our other street initiatives or you have an idea you are willing to work on to help make our main street even better.

Lots of good ideas come from people who use the street. What’s needed are those who are willing to pitch in to make their ideas happen.

The way RoncyWorks makes it happen is that each of us takes on a block or two of Roncesvalles. For ten minutes, half an hour, an hour – whatever we feel we can give — we get out there once a week or so to pick up trash and sweep up litter that the city crews don’t get to. And if nothing else, we make a special point of keeping the planting beds clear.

It’s only partly about sweeping. It’s also about being a good citizen. And building on the good relationships between our shop-owners and our residents — people like Maria Carrusca, who answered the call for volunteers to keep the street looking great. Find out how our sweeping team works.

Whether you can contribute a little or lots, you can make a difference on Roncesvalles by pitching in. Whether you enjoy communicating, coordinating, research or designing, advising, planning or planting, technology, tidying or rolling up your sleeves in team efforts, we have ways for you to get involved.  Please sign up.


Join RoncyWorks to show your love. You’ll be among neighbours, shop owners and organizations working together to keep our street awesome.

Pitch in by getting involved, like helping to keep a small section of Roncesvalles clean or working on another community initiative.

Complete the form and you will receive additional information.

We can help connect you with a network of people who can support you and provide contacts for other community projects in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, we’ll supply you with what you need to get going and a network of like-minded folks.  And every now and then, we all meet at a coffee shop on Roncesvalles to swap notes.  We’re a work in progress, so we’re delighted to have you help build it.

8 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Hi! I’m from Bridgepoint Hospital (LiveWell! Special Projects Assistant) and we’re currently in the process of rolling out our smoke-free policy and smoking cessation program. I am very interested in what you do for the community. What do you think is possible at our hospital? Recycling cigarette butts?

    • Read our posts on cigarette butt disposal and connect with TerraCycle which has a recycling program for cigarette butta and other cigarette packaging waste.

  2. Can you please do something about those hideous blue signs that are polluting Roncesvalles? They’re way uglier than the cigarette litter they purport to fight, and they make the whole neighbourhood feel like some weird, prissy, fascist nanny state. Thanks!

    • Thanks for reporting the problem. I’ve passed this on to the Roncesvalles Village BIA, who is responsible for the maintenance of the ashcans, and they are sending someone over. The ashcans are emptied every 7-10 days.

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