New tree sustains damage

Young tree damaged on Roncesvalles.It was truly disheartening to see that a large branch broken on one of our new Black Locust trees between 111 and 113 Roncesvalles one Friday evenng in early October. And it was shattering to see a huge branch torn off the same tree a few days later. The RMRA’s Greening Committee Chair, Bill Montague, called 311 and was told that Forestry would check it out.

This damage had us fearing the worst, that it might have been a victim of vandalism. But, it might also have been a case of extreme carelessness. There had been substantial construction at 115 Roncesvalles Avenue for quite some time, and it is possible that the damange was somehow related, or that a delivery van or something similar snagged the branch.

We’re hoping the cause is the latter and that no one in our neighbourhood would damage a street tree on purpose. At the same time we’re aware that there are great misunderstandings about how trees fit into an urban environment. For example, many people think that tree roots are the cause of pipe damage, whereas it’s leaking, broken pipes that attract tree roots to the available water.

Thankfully, there are tree experts in the neighbourhood keeping a watchful eye. We’ll have to see how this one recovers.