Tree guard demo on Roncy

Sample tree guard on Roncesvalles Avenue

Multi-function tree guard.

If you’re walking past 367 Roncesvalles, you’ll see an example of the tree guards coming to the east side of Roncesvalles this fall, along with the tree grates to be installed at grade.

The graceful curved edge at the top serves as a comfortable arm rest when you stop for a chat. These grills can also work for tying up your dog or locking your bike should all of the surrounding bike rings — now sprouting up along Roncy — be taken up.

The four-foot high, New-York style iron grill has a large enough diameter for the tree to grow quite wide before it need be removed. The grates protects the tree bed by preventing further soil compacting by pedestrians.

The City is waiting for the soil around the trees to settle before they’ll install the grates.  In the meantime, cyclists are reminded to lock their bikes to the bike posts and not to the trees.

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